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Bioremediation solutions for the on-site treatment of the most recalcitrant soil pollutions


We exploit the detoxifying capacities of fungi, also called mushrooms, to deliver competitive and tailored remediation solutions addressing problematic soil pollutions.

Mycoremediation, an on site bioremediation technology

  • We design and implement the on site biological treatment of excavated polluted soil

  • We take care of soil monitoring activities

  • Because each soil remediation project comes with a unique set of challenges, we perform laboratory testing on your soil to choose and optimize the best mycoremediation strategy.


To know more about mycoremediation go to our dedicated page

What we treat

PAH up to 6 rings


Mineral oil up to C40

What we're working on

Heavy metals

What we could treat


Dioxins & furan


When is mycoremediation the best option?

  • When the concentrations and types of contaminants cannot effectively be tackled by classic biological, physical, chemical and thermal technologies.

  • When transportation cost of contaminated soil to treatment centers becomes prohibitive.

  • When a risk reduction initiative needs to be implemented on old industrial sites and brownfields.


  • For a competitive on site treatment option to tackle the most recalcitrant soil pollutants.

  • For an improved environmental impact: mycoremediation is less energy intensive and disruptive to soil than physico-chemical and thermal treatment technologies.

Our approach

Prefeasibility study


Biopile & Monitoring

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